Azure Backup & DR

A Backup Plan along with a Disaster Recovery Plan Is A Necessity For Every SME


All data is encrypted while migrating to the cloud and once it’s in Azures data centres. Once in Azure your backup is replicated across multiple data centres with 6 copies of the data stored in each. Tier3Tech can help you understand the cost vs your on premise solution and help you implement the solution.

Cost Effective

Azure Backup works out much more cost effective than traditional tape solutions and ongoing licencing. Retention of your data can be much greater as well without worrying about total size of backup and purchasing more storage.

Flexible & Efficient

Azure only sends incremental changes and has built in compression. If your requirements change then it’s simple to change your backup settings and increase or decrease the retention.


Azure Backup doesn’t rely on tapes being changed or hard drives being swapped over. It removes the risk of human error. Tier3Tech can enhance this further by providing an automated managed service to monitor the backup solution and resolve any issues if they arise.

How can disaster recovery and backup solutions like Microsoft Backup and ASR help you survive, in the event of a disaster?


Test Your Recovery Options In A Safe Environment

Test your disaster recovery plans whenever you want, knowing they won’t impact your primary systems or production environments. Avoid potential downtime and give you and your employees some peace of mind. 


Disaster Recovery As A Service (DRaaS) Azure Site Recovery

Can automate the recovery of services in the event of an outage. Your business can bring over applications in an orchestrated way to help restore your services quickly, even if you have complex multi-tier workloads. You can also easily create disaster recovery plans in the Microsoft Azure portal. 


Your Data Is Always Being Backed Up Through Continuous Replication

Azure Site Recovery backs your data up every 30 seconds. A higher accuracy Recovery Point Objective and Recovery Time Objective means, in the event of a disaster, you’re less likely to lose substantial amounts of work. 

Azure Backup

The latest cloud backup platform from Microsoft. Our experts will use this to schedule relevant backups of your data.

Azure Site Recovery (ASR)

Construction of workload landing zones to optimise your performance.

Advanced Third-party solutions

Recommendations for any future strategic planning and maintenance.

Key metrics for a successful Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

There are two key metrics to determine when formulating a robust BCP.

Recovery time objective (RTO)

How quickly a server, it’s application and it’s data is recovered following a disaster.

Recovery point objective (RPO)

The data point you recover after a disaster.

As part of a strategic backup and disaster recovery assessment, we will assign an RTO and RPO to your applications and data depending on their business-criticality. 

We partner with the best

We built a name for ourselves as specialists in backup and DR. Which is good news for our customers: not only do we know it like the back of our hand, we have longstanding relationships with industry-leading specialists. This means you get the most competitive access to the best backup and DR products on the market, deployed and supported by a Microsoft Accredited Partner. The best of both worlds.

“The Tier3Tech engineers delved into the metrics around uptime neccessity for the business in an easy to understand manner. We asked ourselves what was critical for continuous uptime other than emails and data which was under the Microsoft 365 suite. Our Sage and other line of business apps were essential for continuous uptime due to the nature of the business as it is fast moving when it comes to logistics and deliveries. We now have peace of mind that this area is something we do not need to panic about in the event of a disater, natural or otherwise.”

Carol Hingerton

Managing Director, Lettershop Service Ltd

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