Azure Cost Optimisation

Reduce Azure Costs

Tier3Tech engineers will Identify areas where costs can be optimised through better insights on services actually required, versus what’s been used.

Optimise Resources

Optimise infrastructural resources such as storage requirements, Backup and DR needs, RDS v WVD, IaaS v PaaS and get assessed what best suits your business needs.

Increase Azure Adoption

Planning and building the blue print for your Azure environment is critical for a seamless roadmap for your employees, as we understand how culture works to maximise implementation success.

Optimise licences

Assess the licencing costs currently in place and where better options are applicable to maximise cost efficiencies.

Azure Cost Optimisation

Azure Infrastructure Optimisation

Azure Performance Optimisation

“The team from Tier3Tech were fantastic from start to finish. It was a daunting position for ORS management at the thoughts of moving away from the comfort of our on-premise server to SharePoint and Azure for 70 employees. Project management and expectations were given from the outset. The Tier3Tech team did not rush things and started out by setting up an Intranet for all ORS staff. Then we gradually moved over all data to SharePoint, and Azure for the other resources. When all our data move to SharePoint was complete, we initially believed impossible, we set about assessing AutoCAD to the Cloud such was our belief in the Cloud roadmap. The engineers were very patient and helpful throughout every step of the project. It’s amazing how quickly the ORS team have adopted, which is testament to the seamless transition of our technology by Tier3Tech.”

John Brennan

Managing Director, ORS Engineers

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