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Tier3Tech provides Azure managed services in Ireland and beyond. Our Azure design specialists ensure best practices are implemented so your company can benefit from the latest Azure technologies. With our Azure managed services, businesses will have access to advice and guidance on the development of an Azure technology roadmap that is tailored to their specific requirements and objectives.

Azure Design Specialists

When it comes to Azure, you need experts who understand it inside out. That’s where Tier3Tech’s Azure Design Specialists come in. Our team is available around the clock, ensuring that every aspect of your Azure project is meticulously analysed and explained. With our expertise, you can rest easy knowing that your Azure deployments are in capable hands.

Azure Training

Knowledge is power, especially in the world of Azure. That’s why our Azure-certified engineers are here to train your team in the art of Azure portal management. By equipping your staff with the skills they need, you can reduce your dependence on outsourced IT professionals for routine tasks, saving you time and resources for more complex endeavours.

Azure Technology Roadmap

Azure is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Your business has specific needs and goals and that’s where our Azure Technology Roadmap comes into play. We create a roadmap tailored specifically to your requirements, ensuring that Azure aligns seamlessly with your business objectives.

Managed Security

Tier3Tech is your partner in securing your Azure environment. We leverage native solutions like Security Center, Key Vault, Azure Monitor, Network Watcher and Sentinel to provide robust security provisions. Our experts handle the provisioning and maintenance, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on your core business.

Ongoing Monthly Support

Managing Azure can be complex, but our flexible monthly support agreements simplify things. You’ll have a fixed cost that adapts to your Azure usage. It’s a scalable solution designed to meet your evolving needs without breaking the bank.

Azure Rescue Support

Sometimes, Azure projects can spiral out of control. That’s where our Azure Consultancy team steps in with Emergency and Rescue cover. We help you regain control and steer your Azure project back on course, no matter how challenging the situation may be.

Irish Owned Company with Azure Specialists


Your Trusted Irish Azure Partner

Tier3Tech Support Ltd. is a 100% Irish-owned company with a rich history of successfully migrating Irish SMEs to Azure for over a decade. We have the local expertise and global experience to deliver top-notch Azure services tailored to your needs.


Certified Experts You Can Rely On

At Tier3Tech, our commitment to delivering exceptional Azure Managed Services is anchored in the expertise of our Azure Support Team. We understand that the world of Azure is dynamic and ever-evolving, and to navigate it successfully, you need professionals who not only keep pace with industry changes but also set the bar for excellence.


A Reputation Built on Trust

When it comes to trust, our track record says it all. Over the years, we’ve painstakingly built an unparalleled reputation that extends into every region of Ireland. Our commitment to excellence knows no boundaries and our clientele spans a wide spectrum of industries.

“Tier3Tech took over our current Cloud environment which was already on Azure and moved us into the new Azure Virtual Desktops for our staff. Support is always very prompt and are very helpful in every way”.

Morgan Donnellan

MJD Accountants

FAQ About Azure Managed Services in Ireland

What are Azure Managed Services and how can they benefit my business?

Azure Managed Services refer to comprehensive Azure cloud solutions provided by Tier3Tech, tailored to Irish businesses. These services optimise your Azure environment, enhance security and ensure efficient management, leading to improved business performance and cost savings.

What sets Tier3Tech apart as an Azure Managed Services provider in Ireland?

Tier3Tech stands out as a leading Azure Managed Services provider in Ireland due to our 100% Irish ownership, extensive experience serving Irish SMEs for over a decade and our team of highly certified Azure Specialists.

How do Azure Design Specialists at Tier3Tech assist with Azure projects?

Our Azure Design Specialists are available 24/7 to provide expert guidance and comprehensive explanations for your Azure projects in Ireland, ensuring they are well-structured and effectively managed.

Can Tier3Tech provide Azure training for our team in Ireland?

Absolutely! Tier3Tech offers Azure training workshops led by Azure-certified engineers to empower your team with Azure portal management skills, reducing your dependence on external support for routine tasks.

What is an Azure Technology Roadmap and how is it customised for your businesses?

An Azure Technology Roadmap is a tailored plan that outlines the use of Azure services specific to your business needs in Ireland. Tier3Tech creates these roadmaps to ensure Azure aligns seamlessly with your unique requirements and objectives.

How can I contact Tier3Tech to discuss Azure Managed Services in Ireland?

To explore how our Azure Managed Services can enhance efficiency and security for your business, please contact us today through our website or by phone on 01-5293555 to schedule a consultation with our experts.

Contact us today to discover how our cloud optimisation solutions can drive efficiency and security for your business.

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