Azure Security Services

Azure Security Centre

Monitor critical Azure resources with a full suite of native solutions such as Azure Security Centre. Tier3Tech experience and expertise will configure these resources to maximise the protection of applications and data for your business.

Constant Monitoring

Configure native monitoring tools that best suits the needs of your business and applications such as Azure Monitor, Azure Network Watcher, Microsoft Defender for Identity and Azure Defender for Servers. Our expertise will ensure all your cloud assets are fully monitored at all times.

Future Proofing Security to stay ahead

With the cybersecurity landscape evolving and new threats are released daily, it’s essential to always be on top of the latest technological advances and plan for such threats. This involves keeping your business up to date on such threats via training and technology security enhancements in Azure.

Maximise Microsoft 365 and Azure Security

Tier3Tech look beyond the default security to assess the real strengths that often stay hidden within the solutions armoury:

Key Vault

Azure Key Vault can be used to Securely store and tightly control access to tokens, passwords, certificates, API keys, and other secrets.

Azure Firewall

Azure Firewall is a managed, cloud-based network security service that protects your Azure Virtual Network resources.

Network Security Groups (NSG)

A network security group contains security rules that allow or deny inbound network traffic to, or outbound network traffic from, several types of Azure resources.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is the name for an authentication method that relies on more than one factor when determining whether to grant access to a user.

Threat Detection and Monitoring

This is a collection of security services and capabilities provides a simple and fast way to understand what is happening within your Azure deployments.

Log Analytics

Log Analytics is a tool in the Azure portal to edit and run log queries from data collected by Azure Monitor Logs and interactively analyse their results. 

Azure Defender for Servers

Use Azure Defender, integrated with Azure Security Center, for Azure cloud workload protection and security. Stands up against threats like remote desktop protocol (RDP) brute-force attacks, and SQL injections.

Azure Sentinel

Azure Sentinel is your birds-eye view across the business, putting the cloud and large-scale intelligence from decades of Microsoft security experience to work. Make your threat detection and response smarter and faster with artificial intelligence (AI) and eliminate security infrastructure setup and maintenance and elastically scale to meet your security needs—while reducing IT costs.

Microsoft Defender for Identity

Microsoft Defender for Identity helps protect your organization’s identities from multiple types of advanced targeted cyberattacks.

Azure Monitor

Azure Monitor is the native monitoring solution for Azure. It collects metrics and logs from all of your Azure resources and can be used to create alerts, monitor performance, troubleshoot issues and create dashboards so that you have full visibility of your Azure estate and a means to act when problems arise.

Azure Network Watcher

Azure Network Watcher provides tools to monitor, diagnose, view metrics, and enable or disable logs for resources in an Azure virtual network.

Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph

Improve security by connecting solutions, Build more intelligent security apps, Stream alerts to your SIEM, Build automated security workflows without writing code and Empower a security ecosystem.

Azure Bastion

Azure Bastion is a new fully platform-managed PaaS service you provision inside your virtual network. It provides secure and seamless RDP/SSH connectivity to your VMs directly in the Azure portal over SSL.

Azure Security Centre

Azure Security Center gives you a single pane of glass that enables you to improve your cloud security posture.

Microsoft Azure AD Domain Services

Use Azure Active Directory Domain Services to join Azure virtual machines to a domain, without having to deploy domain controllers. Sign in to the virtual machines using their corporate Azure Active Directory credentials and seamlessly access resources.

How secure is your Microsoft Azure environment

Contact Tier3Tech today for a deep security audit of your Microsoft Azure environment.

Understand and examine native solutions such as Security Center in conjunction with a clear and concise consultation with a Tier3Tech Senior Engineer.

Microsoft Azure Security Audit by Tier3Tech

Ready to see what vulnerabilities exist within your business?

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