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Empowering your remote workforce with end-user security awareness

COVID-19 has rapidly transformed how we all work. Companies need quick and effective user security and awareness training to address the swiftly changing needs of the new normal for many of us. To help our customers deploy user training quickly, easily and effectively, we are announcing the availability of the Microsoft Cybersecurity Awareness Kit, delivered in partnership with Terranova Security. For those of you ready to deploy training right now, access your kit here.

The new working from home reality brings along it’s challenges. Where budgets were never in the equation for WFH security measures, they are now a top priority.

Some of the emergency purchasing needs include:

Endpoint security controls

There are two priorities here: providing network access and blocking malware. This equates to VPN clients and antivirus software – especially for employees sharing their systems with family members.

Mobile device security

This was on the to-do list at the beginning of the year. Now that executives, high-value employees, and privileged account managers are working from home, mobile device security efforts have become a high priority.

Network security

IT Departments are defaulting to VPNs to deal with a work-from-home population that grew from 20% to greater than 80% of employees in a matter of weeks.  In some cases, basic VPN access has superseded more thorough zero-trust access projects that require time and planning for things like policy management. VPN growth is accompanied by the need for more firewall and other gateway appliances. We are also seeing increasing interest in secure DNS services, which is also perceived as a quick win.

Simple multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Companies that have success with MFA in small pockets are expanding these efforts as high-value employees migrate from office cubicles to their home offices. Again, the goal is to bolster security first and then fine-tune policies over time.

Tier3Tech have Partnered up with Ivoryware to become our vendor of choice for Cyber Security Training specialists

Want to assess who the weak link is in your company from a security perspective?

Then take the Ivoryware Phishing Simulator exercise without your employees ever knowing.

Work at home may happen on unmanaged and shared devices, over insecure networks, and in unauthorized or non-compliant apps. The new environment has put cybersecurity decision-making in the hands of remote employees. In addition to the rapid dissolution of corporate perimeters, the threat environment is evolving rapidly as malicious actors take advantage of the current situation to mount coronavirus-themed attacks. As security professionals, we can empower our colleagues to protect themselves and their companies.

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