ORS Case Study

Project Type : SharePoint, OneDrive, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Teams for VOIP

Sector : Civil and Structural Engineering

Our Customer

ORS is a prominent Irish multidisciplinary building consultancy firm. The company offers design, planning and management advice that is supported by expert guidance in energy efficiency.

Their Challenges

ORS had investigated SharePoint in the past and ultimately were hesitant to go for this solution. It was felt there were better alternatives and decided upon an on-premise file server in conjunction with a file sharing solution called Datto. As time went by, ORS needed something more efficient and user-friendly to deal with the huge volume of data been used within the company. The server was aging and applications for remote workers were accessed via VPN connectivity. This was problematic and an alternative was also required. Finally, due to remote working for the past year, employees required a more suitable telephony system as the PBX system on-site was no longer viable. The inefficiencies for the above challenges lead ORS to call on Tier3Tech to provide further guidance on a solution that best fit the business. There were a number of key areas where SharePoint, Azure and Microsoft Teams could assist with including the following :

The ability to Easily and Quickly have access to Information & Documents on Laptops and Mobile Devices

Avoid Storage Issues on Laptops and Mobile Devices

Better Project Management Capabilities of Information

Organisational Structure and News

VPN connectivity issues for Sage Coretime

Lack of flexibility of existing on-premises PBX telephony system for remote workers

Constant purchasing of new laptops for existing and new employees

Our Solution

Tier3Tech started with an Office 365 & SharePoint Overview. Tier3Tech performed a SharePoint workshop at ORS to identify their requirements and then deployed a phased SharePoint implementation project including :

ORS Branded Communication & Intranet Homepage

Migration of all data to SharePoint

Integration of Power Automate with SharePoint for automation of new Projects

OneDrive for all employees for ease of Access to Files with Minimal Storage Requirements

Microsoft Azure for Sage Coretime

Microsoft Teams for Business Voice for Telephony

Workshop for SharePoint and OneDrive Training for all Employees

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The benefits for ORS Engineers were immediate from the initial deployment and the new structure created in SharePoint meant employees could easily find information. The initial fear of moving to such a new and modern system like SharePoint was quickly overcame once the benefits were realised by all employees. The automation via Power Automate within SharePoint meant there was no longer any mistakes with numbering of Project Codes and data was much more easily retrieved.  Microsoft Azure for Sage Coretime eliminated any legacy accessibility issues via VPN connectivity. Microsoft Teams for Business Vice gave a reliable and more accessible telephony system for remote workers in particular. The on-premise PBX was no longer required with migration of the main landline number been seamless process.

Quote From Customer

“We are delighted with how the SharePoint and Microsoft Teams for Business Voice implementation went. The assistance provided by David and the Tier3Tech team was invaluable, with SharePoint now been a critical communications tool in the business. Tier3Tech regularly provide ongoing support and training and always provide a fantastic service. The bonus was not having to purchase a single laptop in the last year due to clever refurb techniques by Tier3Tech with our Cloud solutions in place. Very satisfying from a green and cost perspective.”