Microsoft Endpoint Manager

(Formerly InTune)

Microsoft Endpoint Manager, previously known as InTune, is a comprehensive and powerful solution that empowers businesses in Ireland with a wide range of essential features.

This versatile platform offers an integrated approach to managing your digital infrastructure, providing you with top-notch endpoint security, robust device management and the ability to harness intelligent cloud actions, all within a single, unified management environment.

Take a flexible path to cloud management

With Microsoft Endpoint Manager, you gain the advantage of a seamless and streamlined management platform that combines the capabilities of Microsoft Intune and Configuration Manager. It is designed to enhance your company’s efficiency and security, ensuring that your IT operations are as smooth and secure as possible.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager is a one-stop solution for your business’s security, device management and cloud optimisation needs. It offers businesses in Ireland a competitive edge by providing a unified platform that ensures the highest level of protection, control and productivity, all while streamlining your IT management processes.

Cloud security across endpoints

Help protect user devices against threats using Microsoft Zero Trust technology with unique capabilities.

Comprehensive Windows 10 management

Simplify automated provisioning, configuration management, and software updates for all your endpoints.

Maximum return on investment

Take advantage of existing investments to modernize the user experience with Microsoft 365 cloud telemetry.

FAQ About Microsoft Endpoint Manager for Irish Businesses

What is Microsoft Endpoint Manager?

Microsoft Endpoint Manager is a cutting-edge cloud-based solution aimed at tackling the complexities associated with deploying, managing and securing devices within Irish businesses. This includes a diverse range of devices, including servers, PCs and mobile devices.

What services are included in Microsoft Endpoint Manager?

MEM comprises a suite of essential services, seamlessly harmonising the management of physical, virtual and mobile devices across your business. These integral services include:

  • Microsoft Intune
  • Configuration Manager
  • Co-management
  • Desktop Analytics
  • Windows Autopilot
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Endpoint Manager Admin Center
How does Microsoft Endpoint Manager simplify the management of devices?

In an era where device management has grown increasingly complex, Microsoft Endpoint Mnaher streamlines these processes by modernising device management capabilities while preserving legacy solutions, such as Configuration Manager. Some key benefits of MEM include:

  • Efficient provisioning of new devices through automation, thanks to Autopilot.
  • Streamlined enrollment of personally owned devices, enhancing user experience and productivity.
  • Simplified device management with automated detection and deployment of security updates and policies, ensuring devices adhere to security configurations.
  • A user-friendly enterprise app store for the convenient installation of approved applications on an as-needed basis.
How can Tier3Tech assist my business in maximising the benefits of Microsoft Endpoint Manager?

Tier3Tech’s experienced team is dedicated to helping your business make the most of Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Whether you’re looking to enhance device security, streamline management or optimise your cloud-based solutions, we’re here to provide tailored assistance and guidance.

What subscription options does Tier3Tech offer for Microsoft Endpoint Manager?

Tier3Tech offers a range of subscription options to suit your company’s needs:

  • Microsoft Intune Plan 1: This cloud-based unified endpoint management solution is included with subscriptions to Microsoft 365 E3, E5, F1, F3, Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 and E5, and Business Premium plans, priced at €7.50 (excluding VAT). You can also explore a free trial.
  • Microsoft Intune Plan 2: An add-on to Microsoft Intune Plan 1, offering advanced endpoint management capabilities, included in Microsoft Intune Suite, priced at €3.70 (excluding VAT). Reach out to our sales team for more details.
  • Microsoft Intune Suite: An add-on to Microsoft Intune Plan 1, unifying mission-critical advanced endpoint management and security solutions, priced at €9.40 (excluding VAT). Contact our sales team for additional information.
How do I contact Tier3Tech for more information on Endpoint Manager?

For more information or to begin your journey with Microsoft Endpoint Manager through Tier3Tech, you can contact us using the following details:

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