Microsoft Secure Score

Understand where security vulnerabilities may exist in your business

Security Dashboard

Within your dashboard, you’ll be able to view your Secure Score, and how you compare against the industry average.

Current Security Score

You will be presented with a target score based on the Secure Score findings. In turn you can increase your score depending on how quickly you’re aiming to increase security.

Secure Score Recommendations

You’ll be presented with a list of recommended actions in order to reach your target score. You can filter the actions by user impact, implementation cost and action type. This will help you prioritise actions based on your company’s security needs.

Score Score Analysis

Everyone loves to see the progress they’ve made. In your Secure Score dashboard, you’ll be able to analyse how your score has changed over time, and how you compare to the average Secure Score.

Great first step

New security threats are on the rise on a daily basis, and keeping your business protected from these threats can be challenging. Secure Score is a great first step to assess the security posture of your business right now and the steps required to start maximising security for your systems. It will also help provide you with clear guidance to increase your security level – reducing the overall risks your business may face. The workplace is constantly evolving and whilst you’re keeping up with these trends, it’s important you do so securely – whether it’s implementing remote working or new online communication methods.

Migrating to Microsoft 365 Business will instantly increase your score by over 100. It comes with security features that Office 365 doesn’t have, including:

Advanced Threat Protection

Windows Defender

Mobile Device Management

Think of Microsoft 365 as an extra security fence for your business

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