Microsoft Secure Score

Discovering Security Vulnerabilities with Microsoft Secure Score

Security Dashboard

Your Security Dashboard is the central hub for valuable insights into your business’s Microsoft Secure Score. This dashboard empowers you with a complete view of how your Secure Score aligns with industry benchmarks and best practices.

Current Security Score

Your Current Security Score is a reflection of your current security posture. It’s derived from the Secure Score findings. You have the power to increase this score by implementing recommended security measures at your own pace.

Secure Score Recommendations

You’ll receive a comprehensive list of recommended actions to boost your Secure Score. Filter these actions based on user impact, implementation cost and action type to prioritise your company’s specific security needs effectively.

Analysing Score Changes

Monitor your progress effortlessly with Secure Score Analysis. This tool enables you to monitor how your security score has evolved over time, providing you with a clear picture of your business’s security progress.

Increase Microsoft Security Score with Microsoft 365

New security threats are on the rise on a daily basis and the ever-present emergence of new security challenges can be overwhelming.

Microsoft Secure Score serves as your initial step in this ongoing journey. It enables you to evaluate your current security status comprehensively, identify potential vulnerabilities, and chart a course toward enhanced protection. It offers clear, actionable guidance to strengthen your security posture, thereby reducing the overall risks your business may face.

As the workplace continues to evolve, the adoption of secure practices is imperative, whether it involves implementing remote work solutions or embracing new online communication methods and keeping your business protected from these threats can be challenging. Secure Score is a great first step to assess the security posture of your business right now and the steps required to start maximising security for your systems. It will also help provide you with clear guidance to increase your security level – reducing the overall risks your business may face.

Instantly Increase Your Microsoft Security Score by over 100

Migrating to Microsoft 365 Business will instantly increase your score by over 100. These advanced security features are tailored to provide comprehensive protection for your business, ensuring that your valuable data and operations remain safeguarded in today’s ever-evolving threat landscape. Microsoft 365 Business comes with security features that Office 365 doesn’t have, including:

Advanced Threat Protection

Windows Defender

Mobile Device Management

Think of Microsoft 365 as an extra security fence for your business


What is a Microsoft Secure Score?

It is a tool provided by Microsoft that evaluates your business’s security posture and provides recommendations for improving it. It helps identify potential threats and vulnerabilities in your digital environment.

What is considered a good Microsoft Secure Score?

A good Secure Score refers to the measure of your business’s digital security within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. It indicates how effectively you have implemented security measures and addresses potential vulnerabilities.

How can Microsoft Secure Score benefit my business?

Microsoft Secure Score can benefit your business by providing insights into your security strengths and weaknesses. It helps you make data-driven decisions to enhance your security posture and protect your digital assets.

How does Microsoft Secure Score relate to cybersecurity?

It plays a crucial role in cybersecurity as it helps Irish businesses identify and address potential threats and vulnerabilities. It provides recommendations to improve security measures and protect against cyber attacks.

What is the importance of threat protection and vulnerability management in Microsoft Secure Score?

Threat protection and vulnerability management are essential components of Secure Score. They help businesses mitigate risks and enhance their security posture by identifying and addressing potential threats and vulnerabilities.

How does Microsoft Secure Score measure my business's security strength?

It measures your business’s security strength by assessing various factors like the implementation of security controls, the adherence to best practices and the proactive management of potential vulnerabilities in your digital environment.

How can security analytics help in evaluating my business's security performance?

Security analytics offer insights and metrics that enable you to assess your business’s security performance. It helps you identify areas that require improvement and make informed decisions to enhance your overall security.

What are security recommendations in Microsoft Secure Score?

Security recommendations are actionable steps and best practices suggested by the tool to improve your business’s security posture. Implementing these recommendations can enhance your overall security.

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