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Advantages of Remote App and AVD

Move away from that legacy client-server application that is holding you back from decommissioning your on-premise server. Even if that application is as powerful as AutoCAD and requires GPU resources, this can be achieved through the Azure N Series Virtual Machines.

MSIX App Attach is a Windows app package container format that borrows from all the benefits over the years of MSI, .appx, App-V, and ClickOnce. It is basically the future of modern application packaging for Microsoft Windows environments. MSIX can be used for both physical and virtual endpoints. MSIX app attach is a function of your WVD entitlement and meant to be used for virtual environments only.

You are eligible to access FSLogix Profile Container, Office 365 Container (which is a sub-feature of Profile Container), Application Masking, and Java Redirection tools if you have a licence such as Microsoft 365 Business or Microsoft 365 E3/E5.

Yes, you can use RemoteApp with WVD just as you have in the past with RDS. This means you don’t need to publish the entire desktop of the OS to the user. You can continue to publish just Windows apps only to the user if you wish. Sometimes a use case is to give users access to just an app within the Data Centre and not expose and entire Windows shell environment to them. You accomplish this by creating a RemoteApp application group for the WVD host pool. In WVD terms, this is referred to as simply creating an Application Group and then assigning users to the apps in this group.

Microsoft Authenticator passwordless phone sign-in which I have talked about many times in the past is supported by Azure AD, therefore it is supported by WVD. Authentication happens before authorization and enumeration of the WVD service. Since WVD is a native Azure service, it is able to support Azure AD natively as a result. There is nothing you need to do to make this work. It’s already built-in, you just need to enable it under Azure AD in Authentication Methods for your users as I have previously discussed here.

“Our server was causing continuous issues over a number of years and getting away from it was complex. Until Tier3Tech inspired ORS to move with a new Azure technology called AVD RemoteApp for AutoCAD and other applications. This solution alongside SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams allowed us to finally switch off our on-premise server and go complete into the Azure cloud.”

John Brennan

Managing Director , ORS Engineers

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