SharePoint Intranet

Why implement a SharePoint Intranet?

A SharePoint Intranet for companies with 25+ employees is essential for constant updates and as a communications board for all staff at the office and working from home!

Companywide announcements

Keep employees engaged and connected with companywide announcements such as upcoming events, welcoming new employees, new upcoming projects etc.


Useful as an internal repository for knowledgebases for training on topics of interest and HR for company policies/procedures.

New employees

A great way to optimise the onboarding process for new employees. A checklist of questions and videos can be automated for new employees to ensure they fully understand the tools and work methods been used within the company.

Repository of files

A great gateway to SharePoint for single access to a repository of files instead of using your server.

Seamless connections

Connecting people in different locations and different timezones is seamless with a SharePoint Intranet.


Allows for secure internal file sharing between teams and departments.

Ensure it’s nicely designed, well organised and comprehensive

One problem that companies have with an intranet is that it can become disorganised, which makes it difficult to use. So, employees end up not using it and not benefitting from something that was meant to make their work easier and more engaging. 

SharePoint is set up with a structure that’s common sense and keeps all sites within the intranet organised. It uses the following framework:


SharePoint Team Sites

To share information within a specific team, group, or department.


SharePoint Communication Sites

To share information companywide.


SharePoint Hub Sites

To organise all SharePoint sites into a comprehensive directory.

Do You Need Help Setting Up an Effective Intranet?

Today’s technology-driven world is moving at top speed, and only companies that can effectively share information and communicate will stay ahead. Tier3Tech can help your business intelligently deploy a SharePoint intranet to transform the way you communicate and share data internally.

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