SharePoint Intranet Service

Why Irish Businesses are Implementing SharePoint Intranet Services

Are you considering implementing a SharePoint Intranet Service for your Irish company with 25+ employees? Discover the numerous benefits of this essential tool, designed to enhance communication and productivity, whether your staff is in the office or working remotely.

Company-wide Announcements

Keep all your employees engaged and connected with companywide announcements, including upcoming events, new hires and project updates, delivered seamlessly through your SharePoint Intranet Service.

Training Hub

Leverage it as an internal knowledge repository for training resources on various topics of interest and HR policies and procedures, customised for the Irish market.

New Employees

Streamline the onboarding process for new employees. Automate checklists, FAQs and informative videos to ensure a smooth transition and a comprehensive understanding of the tools and work methods specific to your company.

Centralised File Repository

Replace the complexity of server access with a single point of access to a comprehensive repository of files, improving efficiency and collaboration within your business.

Seamless Connectivity

Facilitate seamless connections among employees located in different parts of the world and across various time zones, fostering collaboration and boosting productivity.

Enhanced Security

Ensure secure internal file sharing among Irish teams and departments, safeguarding sensitive information and adhering to local data protection regulations.

Ensure SharePoint is Nicely Designed, Well Organised and Comprehensive

One common challenge that many companies face with their intranet systems is disorganisation, which can hinder usability. This can lead to employees not fully utilising the intranet’s potential, missing out on a tool designed to streamline their work and enhance engagement.

SharePoint offers a solution with a sensible structure that keeps all intranet sites well-organised. It operates on the following framework:


SharePoint Team Sites

These sites are dedicated to sharing information within specific teams, groups or departments, making collaboration more efficient.


SharePoint Communication Sites

Ideal for sharing companywide information, ensuring that important updates reach all employees effectively.


SharePoint Hub Sites

These serve as a central directory, organising all SharePoint sites in a comprehensive manner, simplifying navigation and access.

Do You Need Help Setting Up an Effective Intranet?

Today’s technology-driven world is moving at top speed and only companies that can effectively share information and communicate will stay ahead. At Tier3Tech, we specialise in intelligently deploying SharePoint intranet solutions to revolutionise internal communication and data sharing within your business. If you need assistance in creating a more effective intranet, reach out to us today.

Contact us today to discover how our cloud optimisation solutions can drive efficiency and security for your business.

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