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What is Microsoft 365 Business Voice?

Microsoft 365 Business Voice makes it easy for SMEs to turn Microsoft Teams into a powerful and flexible telephone system. It’s a replacement for traditional telephony providers and in-house PBX phone systems that can be difficult and costly to manage. You can set up both toll and toll-free numbers, call menus to help callers get to the right department, audio conferencing so you can host meetings with anyone and more. You can even give people their own phone numbers so they can get calls directly.

Business Voice does all of this by wrapping Microsoft 365 Phone System features into an easy-to-manage bundle. You don’t need to worry about choosing the right plan or feature; they’re all there and set up for you. Because the Phone System is a part of Teams, you can turn any PC, Mac, or mobile device into a phone that can use your Business Voice phone number.


MS Teams now becomes your phone system at work.


No need for costly traditional handsets. Headsets can be used instead.


No need for a costly on-site PBX telephony replacement.


Your company now has a unified solution for internal and external communications via Microsoft Teams.


Very user-friendly and none of the complexities of traditional forwarding of calls and phone setups for new employees.

What are the Benefits to Microsoft 365 Business Voice?

A Comprehensive Communication Platform

Now you can use call, chat and meetings features all within one simple app. Dial external phone numbers without having to leave your network. Dip in and out of other Microsoft services – check your Outlook calendar, call a contact on Microsoft Teams, collaborate on in-meeting documents and more.

Universal Communication Tool

With Microsoft 365 Business Voice you can call from anywhere at any time. Sync your phone number between your mobile device and office phone for simple on the go access, and instantly convert a simple call into a video chat or group conference. You’ll have conference numbers for participants to dial into, and a host of devices specifically designed for use with the Microsoft Teams app to enhance your calls.

Management Made Simple

Cut down on admin and costs by consolidating all your communication services into one central application that also integrates with your everyday Microsoft services. Stay in control of your plan with the intuitive quality dashboard and analytics console and add or remove phone numbers through Teams Admin Centre.

Customisable Calling

You can tailor your call service to suit you, your business, and your clients. Employ the perfect dial tone (either through Microsoft itself or via a third-party service) to make calls your own. You’ll also be able to use additional services like call parking and engaging hold music to keep your clients happy and in keeping with your brand. Real-time captions for meetings, audio transcription and message translation are some other vital features for modern businesses.

A Service You Can Trust

As well as being able to monitor and handle your call status through the quality dashboard, you’ll have access to in-built attendants and features like load balancing to streamline your service for maximum performance. Make business communication truly collaborative with reliable shared line appearance and group call answering.

A Secure Platform

Because it’s delivered by Microsoft, you know Business Voice will be reliable, trustworthy, unobtrusive and secure. Stop handing your data and money to untested third party providers, and receive signature Microsoft reliability and service across all your business communications.

What’s included with Microsoft 365 Business Voice?

Easy scheduling

Set your business hours so your phones only ring when you want them to. You can also set up out of hours services to forward any calls during evenings and weekends to an alternative number.

Signature security

Because it’s built directly into your Microsoft licence, you know you can trust Business Voice to keep your data, contacts and other information safe. Password management and multi-factor account authentication mean you can rest easy.

Number migration

Once Valto sets up your Business Voice account, we’ll also be able to easily switch all your existing phone numbers to the new cloud service, so you’re up and running in an instant.

Universal devices

Whatever your team, colleagues, clients or partners are using to communicate, you’ll be supported. Working through the Microsoft Teams network, Business Voice is supported across desk phones, smartphones, PCs, Macs and tablet devices for universal communication made simple.

Call management

Arrange call queuing and transfer systems instantly and without hassle. Scale your calls as required by your business, set up bespoke hold music and input personalised greetings to match your company tone of voice.

Cloud voicemail

Because it’s based in the cloud, Business Voice allows you to access and manage your voicemail messages anywhere at any time. Simply log into your account from any supported device to listen to transcripts and never miss a message.

Auto-attendant capability

You can set up your Business Voice account to automatically route calls depending on a range of factors including language, world time zone or respondent availability. You can also directly route to any existing providers through Session Initiation Protocol trunks.

Dial-in conferences made simple

All meetings and conferences through Business Voice are provided with a dial-in number, making it simple for attendees to join from any device.

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